To develop literature that immerses its reader and touches the core of their very being, that lives within the reader as a friend, is what we have set out to do at Ektara.

Our Imprints

Ektara was set up with the tri-faceted objective of creating quality literature for children, disseminating varied literary content to target readers, and working as a resource and facilitation centre. Its publication wing is an avant-garde endeavour to perpetuate the magic of words and its associated art through a wide range of books and periodicals created for readers, mostly young and at times old! Its imprints intend to open doorways through which stories, art and ideas can travel across languages, regions and cultures for readers of all ages.

Doorways through which stories, art and ideas can travel across languages, regions and cultures for readers of all ages.


Jugnoo is Ektara’s publishing wing. Under the banner of Jugnoo, primarily books and other reading materials for children upto 15-16 years are published. Jugnoo’s work is unique in terms of language, subjects, expression and printing.


An imprint of Ektara that brings out a limited number of exquisite stories in English for young readers every year from the finest Indian authors for children.


An imprint of Ektara that brings forth the diversity of art and visual culture from all parts of India and reaches such a literature to young readers.


Like two people walk together. In vehicles, only a cycle moves like that. Being with Cycle offers a different kind of togetherness. Cycle magazine is developed from this echo and the pulse of Cycle. Pick your pace and Cycle will accompany you. You walk and it will walk with you. Making you familiar with the path along the way. Cycle advances on the edges of the streets, close to the trees and closer to the farms. It dialogues with the world as a companion with a mood to collaborate. It comes every two months. Put your palm on Cycle’s illustrations to feel its pulse.


Comixense is a 4-colour comic magazine in English. It is a collaboration between Ektara Trust and People Tree studio. Launched in April 2021, it is aimed primarily at teenagers between 12 and 17 years old, and will touch upon all aspects of life that young people in India encounter today — presented in a manner that credits their intelligence, imagination and empathy.

TES Orbit

TES Orbit is a 48-page magazine with a 4-page pullout section. It's a quarterly with 4 issues being brought out each year. Each issue is dedicated to a theme - eg. Biodiversity, Water, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. Students and teachers form the biggest chunk of contributors with a panel of eminent writers adding value to each issue. Besides, Amar Chitra Katha the regular columns include Career Corner, Fine Arts, Food Fiesta, Sports, Health, etc.


Is a planet but we do not see it. The smallest planet. Had it been on Earth, someone would have asked, ‘what will you be when you grow up?’ This magazine is for the youngest readers of the world. Are planets. They must be seen from the ground to the sky above. So, Pluto inhabits not only poems and stories but also diary, letters, travelogues and features on science, nature, art, sculptures and sports…material for every aspect of life. Where does one find such a fulfilling language for children up to 9 years? Pluto arrives once every two months.

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